Since installing these original Web Cameras in 2010, the prices (have gone DOWN) & Camera software has changed dramatically. So I'm in the process of upgrading the older (Windows Internet Explorer ONLY versions) Cameras, to the newer versions that function on all internet browser platforms (IExplorer, FireFox, Google, Android...) The upgraded Web Cameras will give you a choice menu to choose, which operating system you are using. The older Web Camera's use Windows Internet Explorer ONLY!! This will requires you to download an "UNSIGNED ACTIVEX applet", in order to view. Microsoft windows and or your Anti Virus software will probably perceive this applet program as a threat, but I can assure you it's just a harmless helper program. This is due to the Web Camera makers NOT PAYING Microsoft's Bill Gates $1000+ dollars to be approved for windows use. You may have to also adjust your IExplorer Browser's Tools-Internet Options-Security-Custom Level's ActiveX controls and plug-ins features for Prompt or Enable - NONE SHOULD BE SET TO "DISABLED". For proper Web Cam operation please change #7 Download unsigned ActiveX controls. & #8 Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting., from Disabled to PROMPT; then restart and refresh the webcam's browser window. If you do not allow your PC to install these ActiveX applet add-ons, the older webcams like the Tree Zoom Camera will never work.

Web Cam 1 - 10 are fully OPEN for public viewing. If prompted for Authentication Required, type in User Name: psr leaving the field for the Password: EMPTY-BLANK, and click the "OK" box.
** Web Cams 15 - 20++ are PRIVATELY OWNED - CLOSED for viewing without proper authorization.

Due to the LATENCY of our InterNet provider, please be patient. Web Cams can take up to a minute to come up, and the pan & tilt controls sometimes lag 10 or so seconds, after you click the control button. If you get an error or the page hangs up while loading; try the "REFRESH - RELOAD" button on your Browser, several times.

If you're a member of our little community and need anymore help, please give me a call and/or send me an EMail and I'll get right back to you.

Gregory Gately
(708) 387-7251
Brookfield, Il. 60513